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One of the key factors in getting a better night's sleep is the comfort and enrichment you get out of your bedding. Still, picking the perfect bedding that suits each individual can be extremely hard to do. There are tons of bedding stores that offer sheets, comforters, quilts, and throws but can only offer a limited selection and low quality product. The good news is you have found The Bedding Depott! Here at The Bedding Depot  we offer each customer only the highest level of Throws, Comforters, Blankets, Sheets and Mattress Pads available.

The Bedding Depot offers only the highest quality of Bedding for Kids, College Students, Teenagers, and Adults. We here at The Bedding Depot know there are many other competitors  that offer the same categories as us. The difference between then and us is that each and every product we offer has been hand picked based off the merits of its quality and not price. Each product category of bedding (Throws, Sheets, Comforters, Pillows, and Mattress Pads) has it’s own unique set of features that need to be customized for each individual.

One of our most popular product categories are throw blankets. We offer a wide selection of throw blankets from some of the top brands in the nation (Jennifer Adams, Barefoot Dreams, and Pendleton Woolens). Each of these manufacturers use some of the highest quality material, and are manufactured to last.

Another great item to find on The Bedding Depot is Organic made products. We offer Organic Sheets, Throws, Comforters and Mattress Pads . Some of the our top organic manufactures are Holy Lamb Organics, Organics And More, and Sleep and Beyond. Each one of our organic products have been certified and labeled as organic.

The Bedding Depot offers a wide variety of sheet sets in many different types of material. Some of the materials of sheets we offer are Bamboo from Rayon, Organic Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Combed Cotton, and Performance Moisture Wick. Some of our top brands of sheets are Sheex, Bedvoyage, PureCare, Organics and More and Sleep and Beyond. There is also a wide selection of Comforters we offer. The top materials are from Organic Wool. Mulbery Silk and Goose Down. Some of the Comforters we offer are lightweight comforters for warmer nights and also heavyweight down comforters of colder nights,